About Nielsen Metal Manufacturing

Nielsen Metal Manufacturing was established in 1984. It was created with the service of both established and up-and-coming restaurants and food service supply companies in mind.

Nielsen has become known in the community for exceptional and unique custom stainless steel fixtures. Our custom pieces can be found in many of the restaurants and stores across the Twin Cities. We continue to add capabilities to better service our customers. Powerful new equipment in our shop includes a CNC laser, a CNC strippet turret punch, and a CNC plasma cutter. These new tools help Nielsen maintain some of the shortest turnaround times in the area for custom steel products.

We deliver top-notch service that is rooted in commitment to our community. Nielsen Metal Manufacturing became an EMERGE Social Enterprise in 2017. Nielsen provides trainee jobs in the fields of manufacturing, welding, and machining, while also filling the significant regional need for small batch custom metal work. We work with adults from all backgrounds to gain skills that unlock quality, high paying careers in the trades and fill the employment gaps in Minnesota for this industry. To learn more about our training program or any other questions, please visit EMERGE’s Nielsen info page.